All State Choir Information

Oregon All State Choir

All Chorus Students Are Eligible & ENCOURAGED to Audition for All State Choir!!!!
If a student is accepted into All State Choir, it is an absolute honor and is required that the student attend.  This audition takes dedication and excellence. If accepted, the students are expected to learn and memorize very difficult music and work with world renowned instructors once they have arrived in Eugene. It is a once in a lifetime experience not to be taken lightly!

For more direct information please read below and visit the OMEA site ( with all of the All State Choir information!
*fundraising options are always available

Elementary School

Ms. Kelly is allowed to nominate
as many students as she feels would be successful in the Elementary All State Choir. At least one student will be accepted!

Middle School

All members of OMEA, such as Ms. Kelly, may nominate students to participate in All-State. Middle school
choir applicants must also submit an online .mp3 or .mp4a with their application. At least one of your
students will be selected to participate. Nominating more students may increase the number of students that will be selected.

High School

High School Students will be expected to record 5 different tracks:
Track 1: Major Scale
Track 2: Major Scale
Track 3: Chromatic Exercise
Track 4: America the Beautiful
Track 5: OPTIONAL four measure sight-singing exercise
Here is a great video of exactly what is expected: